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Apple iPhone 4.0 White Looks Plus Superlative Features!

The lighter version is indeed pleasing to the eyes!

But we do realise that the wait was worth all its while and the
iPhone 4.0 White
edition is certainly has the killer looks. Which is indeed welcome news for Apple that has by its own admission has not gone over board design and form factor wise in the case of the iPhone 4.0.

Apple went for a more functional form factor for the iPhone 4.0 rather than the more curvaceous design that it had for the Apple 3G and the Apple 3 GS models. This meant compromising a bit on the looks part. By introducing the White version of the iPhone 4.0, the Cubertine mobile phone company has indeed made up for this

The late arrival may have cost Apple some sales!

When in June 2010, Apple started receiving pre-orders for its iPhone 4.0, it found to its dismay that there were quite a few of these orders that were for the iPhone 4.0 White edition of the iPhone. Still, it accepted it and told the would be customers that it will expedite the production process and give them the White phone at the earliest. Somehow, this could not be done and Apple was left with the onerous task of either convinging these customers to be happy with the Black phone or make them wait for nearly eigtht months or so. This was easier said than done.

No one for sure knows or even a fair estimate cannot be made of the actual number of pissed of customers who would have moved over to Android smartphones as an alternative

Price wise there is not much difference

Price wise, there is not much of a difference between the two editions. With the network service carriers hardly making any distinction on the basis of the colour, the prices are the same as they are for the original Black version of this coveted iPhone.

You can get the Apple iPhone 4.0 White device for free under any of the several cheap contracts that require you to pay only in the range of £ 35 to £ 45 per month. The pay as you go mobile phone deal as well as the SIM free prices are also equally reasonable.

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