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iPhone 4 Bumper Case Review

The iPhone 4 Bumper Case is very simple. It protects your iPhone 4 from drops and impact through what seems to be a silicone casing. While the front and back remain unprotected, there are front films and back plates you can buy to make the casing complete.

iPhone 4 Bumper Features:

While only the sides are protected with the “Bumpers”, it may seem like only the sides are being protected. This isn’t true and is the exact opposite of what the manufacturers have created. The side bumper is wrapped around the iPhone 4 and raised a bit, so when the item is dropped on the ground, the impact hits the bumpers no matter what. This is pretty cool and serves its purpose as an impact case very well.

Design of iPhone 4 Bumper case :

The bumper case has a pretty simplistic design. It’s just a bumper that wraps around the sides of your iPhone 4. It comes in 6 different, bright colors and can be had for a measly $29 dollars. People looking to create their own combination of protection and colorful style will love it. You can buy a hard film cover for the front of the unit and a back plate to make a complete protection package. .

Overall Impression:

iPhone 4 Bumper case is varied. It doesn’t offer any front or back protection for your iPhone 4. However, with a combination between front film and back plate it can be part of a complete protective measure. For around $29, it’s a good buy. You will be able to pick these bumpers up at most retailers very soon! We would use the iPhone 4 bumper case but not without the extra protection of a front and back plate.

Iphone tripod mount case + lens set

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