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Comparison And Review Of iPhone 3G vs 3GS

If we make a comparison of iPhone 3G vs 3GS, albeit both the phones appear extremely alike, actually, there are plenty of discriminating things in them.

For instance, the processor which iPhone 3G uses is ARM 11 functioning on 412 MHz, while that of 3GS is ARM Cortex A-8 operating on 600 MHz.

Camera in iPhone 3G is just 2.0 megapixel and fixed focus, on the other hand that used in 3GS is 3.0 megapixel, in addition having auto focus with auto white balance and also macro mode.

iPhone 3G does not give video recording and voice control features, while 3GS provides 30fps VGA with on-device editing capability and also a voice control feature which facilitates you for calling contacts, playing songs, dialing numbers and many more facilities with your voice.

Graphic capability of iPhone 3G is Open GL ES 1.1 on the other hand that presented by 3GS is OpenGL ES 2.0.

There are no facilities of Nike+ support and integrated magnetic compass with iPhone 3G, on the other hand 3GS offers them.

Wireless technology presented by iPhone 3G includes 3.6 Mbps HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR, whereas that offered by 3GS includes 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR. The download speed offered by 3GS is much more brisk, that is, approximately two times, that of 3G.

The headphones offered with iPhone 3G are usual, whereas that offered with 3GS are inline remote for music control.

Dimensions in iPhone 3G and 3GS are same, and they are, 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm.

Weight of iPhone 3G is a bit less than the weight of 3GS, i.e., iPhone 3GS is 135 gm (4.76 oz), which is 2 gm (0.07 oz) more than iPhone 3G, which is 133 gm (4.69 oz).

Battery life offered by both the phones for talk time/data is equal, that is, up to 5 hours, on the other hand, for others, 3GS scores better. Battery life of iPhone 3G on 2G is 10 hours, on the other hand, that offered by 3GS is 12 hours. For data on WiFi, 3G has 6 hours of battery life, whereas 3GS gives 9 hours. On audio, it is 24 hours offered by iPhone 3G, on the other hand it is 30 hours offered by 3GS and it is up to 7 hours}of iPhone 3G for video, whereas, it is 10 hours given by 3GS.

And one more amenity of 3GS is it has water-and-oil resistant finish, which iPhone 3G doesn’t.

When you will scrutinize the differences of iPhone 3G vs 3GS, you can judge which one is preferable for yourself. It is questionable that the extra facilities offered on 3GS, though are very attractive, they are really worth the price or not. It is definite that the camera as well as video quality of 3GS is made better and it is actually fine for close-up photos and recordings.

If you are planning of upgrading, look at the price also, because if we make cost comparison of iPhone 3G vs 3GS, the difference is nearly two times.

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