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Are You Ready For the Release of the iPhone 5?

2011 should see the release of the fifth generation of Apple’s hugely successful mobile telecommunications device, the iPhone 5 . If previous releases of the iPhone are anything to go by the release of this variant will be accompanied by high levels of discussion and hype amongst the internet’s techno-blogs leading to mass camp-outs by fans and early adopters!

Get ready for yet another highly co-ordinated and successful product release from Apple. However, do not expect to see the leaks, unofficial pre-launch photos and the quality issues associated with the release of the iPhone 4; Apple will no doubt launch their newest stable-mate under a strictly controlled regime much akin to a military operation.

Be The First in the Queue for Your Iphone 5 Accessories

If you are going to be one of these early adopters (and why wouldn’t you be? The iPhone5 case is likely to be the ‘smartest’ and most technologically advanced personal mobile device ever!) then you would be best advised to have a plan for launch day. Are you going to camp out or purchase online? Will you be buying a protective case and screen protector? What other accessories will you be buying? These are all questions that you should be thinking of now and be prepared for so you are not disappointed come the mid-summer Apple festivities!

2011 is Shaping Up to be an Action-Packed Year!

Be prepared for an action-packed 2011 summer with the release of the iPhone 5. Make sure that you have a plan for purchasing your iPhone 5, order your accessories and be the envy of all your friends for you will be the proud owner of Apple’s latest, most advanced mobile phone! The world as we know it is rapidly changing; jump on and ride the wave or go home!

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Get in early and avoid the mad rush!

3D Hello Kitty iPhone 5 silicone case

Tribeca Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5SE/5s, Texas Longhorns/Hello Kitty

Tribeca Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5SE/5s, Texas Longhorns/Hello Kitty


Tribeca Hardshell Case for iPhone 5:Durable, hardshell case for device protectioniPhone protective case has a high quality logo will not fade or rub offEasy access to all ports and touchscreenDesign: Texas Longhorns/Hello Kitty
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