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An Iphone 4s Product Review: this device lives up to the hype!If you are an Apple fan, then you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting around the release of the Iphone 4S. With stunning new features and a revolutionary new operating system, the iphone 4s is set to over-deliver on its promise to be the best phone you can buy on the market place Right now. The high resolution 8MP digital camera will astound you with its readability and ability to record in 1080p High definition video. Boasting more power than ever before, the iphone 4s makes use of a dual-core A5 chip for blistering speeds. And if you like to use voice commands, then the brand new Siri plan will take your experience to the next level. So, let’s look at these features in detail to see just what sets this phone apart from its opponents. Though the more mature iphone models enable you to use voice commands, the iphone 4s includes the beta model of Siri, which will take it far beyond anything you’ve experienced before. This plan will let you to speak to your phone as you would a person. Rather than having to conform to certain recognized commands, like “map of” or “send text to”, Siri will let you speak Naturally and will follow out your instructions without fail. For example, if you need a reminder posted in your calendar, merely say “remind me to call my boss.” If you want to find sites to eat near you, rather than navigating through a cumbersome menu, just say “What place has the best ribs around here?” As Siri’s motto states, your wish is its command.No Iphone 4s Product Review would be complete without mentioning the stunning graphics capability of this device. The included A5 chip features a dual core design. This will give you up to double the power and graphics speeds up to seven times more quickly. Whether you are playing action packed games, or browsing the net, you will see the big difference. Nothing is more annoying than waiting on your plans to load, but that will be a thing of the past with the new iphone 4s. Also, all this extra power will not drain your battery, as the A5 is ultra efficient.You like images and videos?Then you are going to love the iphone 4s! Featuring 8 megapixel resolution on every picture, this phone has a jaw-dropping 60% more pixels than iphone 4. The custom lens designs the mild as it enters the aperture, so it delivers crisp pictures every time. With better face detection and planing to compensate for movement, your family and friends will never ever look better. When you shoot video with this phone, you’ll get the stunning quality that 1080p High description provides. Say goodbye to blurry videos, with the automated stabilization systemming. You can even edit your captures right on your phone, meaning you’ll never have to wait to log onto your home computer again. Truly, no other phone has the optics power that the iphone 4s contains.The new iOS 5 adds more than 200 new features, which includes seamless Twitter integration, a re-tooled Notification Center and a new Reminder app. You’ll never ever miss an appointment again when you carry the new iphone 4s! If you like to customise your phone to meet your demands, the iOS 5 lets access the largest collection of cellular apps available anyplace.These features make it a must have device, yet the iphone 4s isn’t finished yet! The cutting-edge Retina display outperforms any other phone on the industry Today. In fact, it is the highest-resolution display available wherever. Your eye won’t even be able to see the individual pixels, with the display boasting an incredible 326 pixels per inch. You’ll love the wide viewing angle and the included four times higher contrast ratio, making every image brilliant.So, there you have an Iphone 4s Product Review, which clearly shows that this exceptional device blows away the competition. So, hurry and get yours Currently and leave your old phone in the dust!

iPhone 4 Zebra Diamond Rhinestone Bling Case – Pink

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