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The evaluation of powerful new Android cell phone, Motorola XT502 (2)

Built-in Applications

In the application procedures,
Android cell phone
platform has 80,000 applications, although it claims that it is far worse in comparison to the iPhone which have 220,000 applications, both programs have had a few million are number games. Motorola XT502 built using only high frequency applications such as view documents To Go, positioning the electronic map and track recorder, if you need more applications, it is necessary to download through the intellectual pieces of garden and the operation is very convenient.

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The methods of personal security unlock:

The first slide to unlock from the iPhone to horizontal mode once swept the world, attracting many companies emulating. Although the way by imitating Apple allows other companies to unlock access to many of the concerns of consumers, but they have failed to shake off the shadow of Apple, Apple is playing, “has been imitated, never to be beyond” the arrogance of the reasons for the publicity posters one.

Motorola XT502 in support of the horizontal unlock the same time, it is supported unlock the way to set custom, the average screen is divided into 3X3′s Style Box, use your fingers slide on the screen to connect any of four or more dots to form a unlock combo moves, can represent their own letters, it can be interesting graphics, as long as you can across a row. This setting also can play the role of password protection can effectively protect personal privacy-link=http://www.goodscool.net/china-wholesale-electronics/Mobile-Phones/]wholesale cell phones.

5 million pixel camera:

XT502 with 5.0 mega pixel auto focus camera LED flash support. Into the film interface, through the touch screen interface on the left bring up shooting settings, brightness, saturation and so you can set.

In the actual trial in camera, Motorola XT502 has a decent performance, the only downside is that pictures are weaker in brightness, the recent sustained high temperature in Guangzhou; in the hot sun out of the photo shoot it is difficult. This is an obvious flaw.

Batteries and standby capacity:

Motorola XT502 with a 1230mAh battery. WIFI in the evaluation process normally open, camera, GPS functions frequently used case, perhaps supported Motorola XT502 6 hours, whereby the author estimated that if normal use Motorola XT502 about the provision of two half days to 3 days of standby time a normal range.

While it is the great milestone, but it also has too large of a problems, when the full keyboard input Chinese advantage, it is not clear how much appear some redundancy. Motorola XT502 Starter Edition as a milestone on the market, to meet the different tastes of consumers. The introduction of the Android 3.0 has been put on the agenda of the situation, and can be expected with Android 2.1 platform XT502 price will not be unrealistically high with good cost performance.

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